During the past 27 years, Swedish Leadership Group has trained over 6.000 leaders in corporations and organizations within the public sector, in Sweden and internationally.

Our business areas: Group Development, Leadership Development and Executive Advise/Coaching. Our core business is development and implementation of leadership development programs vertically in an organisation, from the executive board and management group to management teams, line managers and project teams.

This includes developing and implementing value systems, organisation wide leadership development programs, group development and team building programs, communication and crises management programs, coaching and senior leadership advise and often includes organisation specific tailor-made training tools and exercises.

Our leadership programs are always developed and designed together with our clients and tailor-made to their specific needs and situations. Therefore, we do not provide open courses or standardized leadership programs, nor do we work exclusively with a specific development theory. Instead, we draw from a wealth of knowledge and experience applying a range of theories, methods, models and tools based on the unique needs, situation and environment of our clients.