Ahlsviks Udd is our own meeting and training facility in the Stockholm archipelago. A unique meeting place in an exclusive and inspiring environment where you and your management team are the only guests. The retreat is located ocean side, one hour’s journey from Stockholm city.
Our guests stay in the 18th century manor’s main building or in one of the two cottages and exclusively occupy our entire property with private beach, own small island with boat house and sauna.

A place for reflection
The ocean, the total seclusion and the silence creates room for reflection, generating creativity and energy. Embrace the silence and let the calm environment of Ahlsviks Udd nurture ideas and strengthen the unity of your team.

Cultural history
The first farm house was built on the property in the 15th century and the manor’s main building was built in 1876. It quickly became popular as a summer retreat for rest and recreation among Stockholm’s cultural personalities at the time. In his memoirs, Ivar Lo-Johansson writes about the summer community of artists and writes at Ahlsviks Udd that helped to create its unique cultural-historical atmosphere and environment. At the time, the property housed forty guests, accommodation and three meals per day cost five crowns per person…

Personalized & Caring
Chef and sommelier Lena Salomonsson carefully selects ingredients for tailor-made lunch and dinner menus and personally cooks and present all meals.
Lena is proud to mainly use locally produced ingredients from Svartsö and neighboring islands.
In Lenas own words, “I’ve been doing farm to table all my life, long before New York hipsters coined the phrase…”
With the help of our staff, Lena creates a memorable dining experience with personalized service.

Guest rooms
Our guests stay in one of the 12 guest rooms, most with sea views, distributed between the main building and the two cottages. The Manor guest house original environment is preserved, carefully renovated to meet today’s demands for comfort and technology.

The meeting in focus
In addition to our formal meeting rooms, there are many places for reflection and informal conversations, individually or in groups. Meet confidentially and undisturbed in lounges or in the apple tree garden, on the dock or in the boathouse, in the library or in any of the group rooms. It is our firm conviction that the environment creates a strong foundation for constructive dialogue and team development.

A sense of home
We take grate care to preserve the manor’s guest house tradition, creating a unique feeling of being home. Wake up to the smell of home-baked bread and freshly brewed coffee. Enjoy a cup of tea in the library or a wood-burning sauna at the end of the day. First-class service with a personal touch.