During the past 27 years, Swedish Leadership Group has trained more than 6,000 leaders in the Swedish private and public sectors, as well as internationally.

Among our business clients are AstraZeneca, Bofink, Business Sweden, Cederroth, Centric, Domsjö Fabriker/Adityabirla, GB Glace, Huset Under Bron, IFS, Jung Relations, Norrsken Foundation, Norsk Hydro, Oriflame, Ruag Space, SAAB Group, SAMI, Scania, SWECO Group, Tieto Enator, Tobii Tech, Tripnet, Tipser, Vapiano, Volvo Cars and Wireless Car

Among our public sector clients are ALMI, The Central Bank of Sweden, The Government Offices of Sweden, Ministry of Finance, The National Board of Trade, Swedish Energy Agency, Swedish Export Credit Commission, The Swedish Higher Education Authority, The Swedish Tax Agency, State Culture Council, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Stockholm City Council, SWEDAC, and World Cultural Museum

Walter Fortgens, CEO – Volvo Cars Uddevalla

”The partnership with Swedish Leadership Group started when Volvo Cars Uddevalla had to increase its capacity with 30-40% through pure productivity improvement, without cost increase.
As an industrial company, our focus is the hard measurement points, and in order to focus more on the soft issues, we initiated the cooperation with Swedish Leadership Group. Through the help of Swedish Leadership Group, we have been able to identify time-loss created due to lack of trust amongst co-workers and teams in our daily operations. Thereafter we have, through training and practical exercises, created a leadership culture that creates success!
The insights and consequences have been fantastic and contributed to us reaching world class, as an executive management team and as a factory. To have tools for efficient leadership is requirement for success”

Martin Abrahamsson, Founder – Jung Relations

“As a leading player in an extremely fast-paced industry, where our employees are our greatest asset, good leadership is perhaps the most important raw material we have to work with. Through a profound work that has been spanning for almost a decade, Swedish Leadership Group has worked in Close collaboration with Jung to create a flexible value-driven platform to act from outside.
I think that the greatest strength of Swedish Leadership Group is the understanding that if you really want to change and create long-term and sustainable leadership, there are no shortcuts – you need to create a safe group of leaders who understand themselves and their surroundings.
With an ever-changing environment, our firm belief is that a sustainable organizational philosophy needs to be value-based – that is, policies, organizational charts, models and tools are a consequence of value-driven work and not the other way around. In that work, Swedish Leadership Group has been an omistent partner – and thus a key factor in the fact that Jung today is one of Sweden’s most successful public relations agencies. “

Roger Arnroth, HR Director – IFS

”Swedish Leadership Group have helped us at IFS to develop a successful leadership culture, thereby creating excellent conditions for implementation of structural change as well as international growth.
Through an extensive leadership program, Swedish Leadership Group have through the years developed over 500 strong leaders with the courage to make decisions and lead, even in difficult situations.
The leadership is based on our strong corporate culture and our common values Simplicity, Commitment and Professionalism.
Through various leadership, team development and executive coaching efforts, management teams at regional as well as IFS Group levels have improved cooperation, increased efficiency and strengthened decision making in order to realize goals, visions and values in practice.”