Leadership & Team Development, Executive Advise

Elsi is a Behavioral Scientist and Certified Psychotherapist with over 20 years of consulting experience in the public and private sectors. She has developed and implemented development and training programs for executive leadership as well as project and line managers. She also has extensive experience in leadership development and communication training internationally. Currently, Elsi mainly focuses on executive advise and coaching as well as  group dynamics and group processes.



Leadership- and Team Development

Mikke has more than 15 years’ experience in leadership development, management team development, group development and conflict management. Methodically, Mikke mainly works with interpersonal/group processes and experience-based learning. Through his international mountain guide agency, Mikke train teams and management teams in leadership, decision-making, risk management and crisis management in a high risk environment.


Communications Training through absolute presence

Anders is a musician, educator and actor, trained at the Swedish National Academy of Acting and the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Establishing a functioning communication in a direct and concrete manner is an ability that Anders successfully developed during his long career. He develops leaders in communication and stage presence by the motto “use the skills you already have” and is a strong believer in clear and direct communication with simple means.


Personal Leadership, Executive Advise, Conflict Management

Maria is certified Psychologist and certified Psychotherapist with long experience in healthcare, psychiatry and occupational healthcare but is currently working primarily within the private sector. Maria’s expertise is executive advise, personal leadership development, the psychosocial work environment, stress management, conflict management and crisis management. Maria also works with practical tools for stress management such as mediyoga.


Reflective Dialogue & Executive Advise

Eskil is a senior lecturer in theology and has over 20 years of experience as a director and director-general of various government agencies. Eskil’s knowledge area has four cornerstones: research, education, value based topics and leadership. Eskil has an exceptional ability to analyze, communicate, and reflect, whilst maintaining a strategic overview. This provides a good foundation for constructive, listening dialogue. The purpose of dialogue for Eskil is to help his dialogue partner to her/himself find the answers, thus strengthening self-confidence in her/his own leadership.

Leadership & Team Development, Executive Advise

Lina is an organizational consultant and therapist with extensive international experience,  mainly focusing on management team development, group development and executive advise. Lina likes to contribute to greater knowledge and understanding among individuals and groups regarding their own and others’ driving forces, choices and conflicts – and how those are manifested in a group or management team – and based on that understanding, enable effective development and change.   “Man’s desire for purpose is a unique process that can only be realized by the individual herself, but is understood and validated by others”


Transformation process, Inspiration & Motivation

Jacob is the founder of the nightclub Trädgården, today one of Stockholm’s most important focal points for urban culture. Co-developer of the culture venue Nobelberget and initiator of the innovation festival Gather,  gathering industry, culture, politics, technology, science, academia and urban development to solve the major issues of the future. Jacob is passionate about change and is working to challenge organizations and public sector to think differently, interact and create lasting, positive change.


Leadership – & Organizational Development

Anders has a PhD of Business Administration and has over 20 years’ experience as a consultant in public and private organizations. He develops and implements leadership development programs as well as assist management teams in developing interpersonal communication. Anders is a leading researcher on manager’s health, as well as on links between leadership, work environment and health. Anders also conduct extensive research on the connections between personality and leadership.


Business Transformation & Strategy Implementation

For over 12 years, Matti has implemented complex changes in organizations in Sweden and internationally, both as line manager and as management consultant. As a management consultant, Matti specializes in helping leaders and organizations with strategy implementation and business transformations. Matti is characterized by his positive energy, integrity and his solution-oriented approach.


Transformation process, Inspiration & Motivation

Nina is a trained cultural scientist and theater producer and has worked at several of the country’s largest cultural institutions, including Stockholm City Theater. Currently, Nina is currently the Counselor for Cultural Affairs at the Swedish Embassy in Berlin. During 15 years as a manager, Nina has led both skills development projects and reorganizations. Her driving force is to create optimal conditions for creativity, find structures that support processes and bring out the best from each individual in collective creative processes.


Executive Team- & Leadership Development

Kaj is a behavioral scientist and previously had a career as a Swedish football player and elite coach. Kaj has 25 years of experience in developing managers and leaders in the private and public sectors and has trained over 5.000 leaders in leadership training, communication and team development. Currently, Kaj oversees the implementation of tailor-made leadership programs, supports management teams and provides executive advice.






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