To develop a successful leader, we must understand the human and use her full potential as vantage point. Swedish Leadership Group creates a platform for efficient leadership, based on open and humane communication. Swedish Leadership Group always proceeds from a humanist value base, deeply rooted in Swedish leadership culture.


The capacity of rational, wise decision making. We train leaders to make rational choices and develop their assessment abilities.


The capacity to exercise conscious control over one’s actions and thinking. We train leaders to better understand their attitudes and focus on set targets.


To act in accordance with decisions made. We develop leaders’ ability to have the courage to lead and act, even when facing negative consequences and conflicts.

A leader who possesses sound Judgement, the Will to lead and the Courage to lead in a highly demanding environment will have the capacity to create what we believe to be the foundation for effective leadership: Security, Trust and Clarity.

To create Security in a group is a fundamental leadership quality. We train leaders to behave predictably, creating an environment where group members are allowed to take risks, fully draw on their experiences and competences and critically examine each other without fear for personal backlash. A group in which members are secure in their roles can reach full participation and effectiveness.

We train leaders to build Trust by action. By training leaders to act in accordance with the task at hand and demonstrate competence and belief in its accomplishment, the leader can create true motivation and joint belief that the group has the capacity and competence to succeed.

We develop leaders’ ability to create Clarity. We enable leaders to create a work environment without misinterpretations and misunderstandings through clear direction and clear communication, and develop their ability to describe tasks logically and understandably.